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The primary objective of creating a Kundli report is to comprehend an individual's inner and outer aspects. The houses represent various carefully examined, understood, and analysed aspects. This process aids in predicting future events in one's life. Our Vedic expert Kundali report will assist you in finding solutions to all these challenges.


What Will You Get In Bhagyasarthi

We provide expert-guided solutions to all your life problems that can bring positive changes in your life through the power of astrology.

Relationship Problems

Are you experiencing a lack of love and affection from your partner? Is your partner showing signs of disinterest in you?

Health Problems

Are you always troubled by diseases? How long will you have these problems? Know about the diseases of your life from your kundali.

Career Problem

Are you confused about what to pursue in your career? Do you want to explore better opportunities for your career?

Financial Troubles

Do you need assistance in overcoming financial obstacles and improving your financial situation? Do you find it challenging to manage your finances effectively?

Marriage Problem

Are you having trouble maintaining a harmonious relationship with your partner? Not able to maintain perfect love with your partner?

Foreign Trip

People are eager to know that there is something in their life to travel abroad. 12th house in your kundali represents foreign travel.

Luxury and Home

Are you struggling to establish a new home and life? Do you find yourself living in miserable conditions, or are you unable to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle?

Business Problems

Are you struggling to meet your business targets despite putting in much effort or facing daily losses and being unable to turn things around?

Child Problem

Child problem in the Kundali is such a yoga which is created by the planets and every person has a desire to get a good and cultured child in his life.

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